2 Free Marketing Tips To Get The Word Out About Your Business

Are you earning as much money that you would like to in your business? If you answered “no”, then you should know that there are things that you can do to boost your overall business profits. Most business owners hang their hat on the notion that marketing is hard, and that they would rather hire someone out to do it, rather than doing it themselves.

But more than likely if business owners wanted to hire someone to do their marketing for them, they won’t be satisfied with the results. Most advertising and marketing agencies get a bad rep for the services that they offer. Most of them charge high fees, and in return, get little response. If you’ve experienced this before, I know exactly how you feel.

With that being said, to save the most money and to get the best results… stick to doing your own marketing. To make your ads and marketing pieces work, all you need to do is a few key things – and that is what I want to share with you today. I want to share with your some of my favorite marketing strategies that have been proven to work for me time and time again. Here’s the first marketing strategy.

1) Submit articles

This is a great way to be perceived as an expert in your niche. This primarily is a tactic that applies online, but you can submit articles to places in your town also. For example, consider writing an article for your local newspaper. It’s best if you can mimic the style of the articles in the newspaper, and be sure to leave your contact information at the end so that people can get in touch with you.

In addition to submitting to publications offline, you will want to turn around and submit your articles to the article directories found online. These are places people visit to learn more information about something that is plaguing them in their life right now. These people are looking for help, and the best way to do it is to submit your articles to the places where people will read them.

Here’s another strategy that you should implement:

2) Submit press releases

This is a great way to get free publicity for your business. There’s a site called prweb.com that is an excellent resource to submit your news stories to. Now granted they charge a hefty fee for their services, but the results that you can get is never in doubt. If you can’t deal with the costs of prweb.com, consider the free press release sites.

There’s a great site called free-press-release.com that delivers excellent results, and their fees are considerably less than PRWeb. It costs $1 per press release that you want to submit, and if you wanted to submit 1 press release per day, it would cost you only $30 a month. I think this is a great value for the exposure that you get from these sites.

If you want to see more customers coming into your door, consider using these low cost marketing techniques. It’s best if you incorporate online marketing in your offline marketing ventures, so this is why I included these 2 strategies here today.

Good luck with using these 2 strategies to earn more money in your business today.

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