Choosing the Right Direct Marketing Response Tool

The shovel is a very useful tool-when you need to dig a hole in your back yard. It is not a useful tool when you need to paint the ceiling in your kitchen. This doesn’t mean that the shovel is a bad tool-it’s simply not the one needed for that task.

Occasionally we get a little too caught up on tools. And I’m not just talking about men perusing hardware stores. There is a variety of amazing new direct marketing response tools that are easily accessible for businesses to use to promote themselves. Not long ago, corporate websites were the popular new tool. The common thought was that a business would eventually fail if it lacked a website.

E-mail marketing was a hot new resource when it was first introduced (and when you could only find spam in cans). Today there are landing pages, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and a wide variety of other platforms businesses can take advantage of to get their message out.

Here’s the issue: they’re only just tools! Businesses still have to have a message to convey. With that in mind, in today’s marketplace, your business’s message must be clear and it has to be persuasive. And even though you have a new tool, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it the right tool. A few of these new response tools may grab your interest. But do they grab the interest of the people you’re trying to connect with?

Today’s marketing is all about giving consumers the power to make smart choices (and that means choices that are in their best interests). You want your customers (current and prospective) to feel empowered-not overpowered by an endless stream of messages. You want to give them the information they want to know, not bury them in information with your “shovel”.

So before you go out to purchase the latest hot new tool, consider first what your customers truly want and need. Think about the correct technique to get that information to them. Don’t just instantly grab the shovel. Pick the right tool to get the job done.

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