Direct Mail for Accountants

With all the new accounting regulations accountants are in high-demand and yet with that said how can they get the best clientele that pays the most for their services and is the least likely to cause an issue? Well some say it is a numbers game and if so it makes sense to have more high-end clients to deal with and then pick and choose.

But how does one get these choice clients to cherry pick from? Well perhaps, a robust yet inexpensive marketing and advertising program might do the trick. Let me explain; you see, direct-mail marketing and direct-mail marketing coupon packages work very good for accounting firms and it is recommended that they send out direct-mail marketing pieces during non-peak off tax season times.

Direct-mail marketing is not very expensive and it is quite effective and accounting agencies should send them out to all the high-net worth households and small businesses within a 15-mile radius. They should verify the zip codes and demographics when doing this.

When sending out to households it makes sense to send to higher net worth individual neighborhoods and zip codes, because they have more money to spend and need accountants more. Please consider this in 2006, as part of your marketing strategy to get new business.

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